Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing how to fuel on energy this spring

How to sleep better all night this winter

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing how to fuel on energy this spring

You can pour out that second cup of coffee as you won’t need to drink it after you learn how to get some good night sleep and wake up full of energy, ready to start the new day without drinking several cups of coffee.


Here is how to get a quality sleep if you are dealing with insomnia or discomfort. 


1. Unplug all the appliances in your room or find some other way and cover all the small blue lights glowing in the dark. Even better idea is to carry them out of your room. Obviously, I’m not ditching my big screen tv out of my bedroom; however, I’m taking my entire Apple family out of the room. There is simply too much radiation in my bedroom.
Lifestyle blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing her tips to get a good night sleepLifestyle blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing her tips to get a good night sleep
2. Don’t forget to give your mobile phone some rest. Shut it down. I’m quite sure my tired iPhone will appreciate some real sleep and not only nap in the air mode.
3. Cover all the windows in your bedroom, don’t let any unnatural light come in. Get silk eye mask to cover your eyes if you don’t have proper window shutter of thick curtains. I found some great silk eye masks I am sure you will like them. Yes, it should be a silk eye mask. There are three reasons why: 1) you won’t feel it on your face, 2) it won’t leave any marks on your face, 3) it will regulate the temperature of your eyes and help cool down your sore, warm eyes.
Here are my favourite eye masks. Ps. get one for your friends, too. They will appreciate you. You can also put on some cream mask on your eyes before sleep to relax your eyes even more.
Slip pink silk eye mask  Slip black silk eye mask


4. Tidy your room a day before. Sleeping in a dusty room is a mission impossible for me. And I am pretty sure it takes away some quality sleep to all who haven’t swallow half of the bottle of sleeping pills.
5. Open windows before sleep and let the fresh air come in.
6. Make sure the temperature in your room is perfect. I can’t sleep in a cold, damp room. For me, the ideal sleeping temperature is around 24-26 ℃. I know, this is quite hot. I would wake up in the middle of the night if the temperature is low or wake up feeling dizzy if the temperature is high.


7. Change your sheets before going to sleep. Or if you know you really won’t have time to change them, make sure you don’t make your bed earlier in the morning. This way you at least won’t trap millions of dust mites in your bed and give them a safe place to breed and leave. You don’t want to sleep in a bed full of mites’ faeces, do you?
8. Swapp your cotton/polyester blended sheets for sheets made of Egyptian cotton (Giza 45) or silk. I prefer silk. And no I don’t mean plastic, synthetic satin in which you feel either too cold or too hot, plus it often slides off you; I mean real, natural silk. Believe me, the costs of 100 % pure silk sheets and time spent searching for them will pay you back. I still feel incredibly lucky finding mine silk sheets.
Not sure if I told you already, that a silk pillowcase is one of the reasons my skin and hair look so soft. My silk pillowcase allows my skin and hair to glide every time I move (and I do move a lot during my sleep) without damaging either of them. Plus, I never wake up with a sleep crease on my face. You know what that means? There is no chance I get ironed wrinkles.
Slip pink silk pillowcaseEgyptian Cotton Giza 45 Sheets

9. Get a right pillow and mattress. Once my doctor said I’m with my delicate porcelain skin, like that princess from C. Andersen’s story who could feel a pea under twenty mattresses. She was exaggerating, yet not entirely. I indeed can’t sleep on every type of mattress. Luckily they could make me a custom made mattress that fits all my needs. It’s soft when if you slightly touch it and becomes hard when you lay down on it in the parts that need extra support. I hard to give you good advice when comes to finding a perfect mattress. I had luck and an expert helping me find my dream mattress.

Another vital thing is a pillow of course. There are so many options when it comes to pillows. I advise you to go for a pillow filled with natural materials. At the moment I sleep on a prestigious soft pillow, filled with new Nordic goose down and feathers. Once again because of my hair.
10. Pyjamas and underwear. There was a radio show a few weeks ago in which hosts were discussing when is time for a woman to swap her sexy silk pyjamas for a cosy, rayon/flannel/cotton pyjamas.
The funny thing is they weren’t actually talking about pure natural silk, but about the synthetic satin which is indeed uncomfortable. They mixed up two completely different materials that give us completely different feeling when laying in our bed. Finally, to get a quality sleep, put on underwear and pyjamas made of natural materials that fit you and won’t put you in pain everytime you move. I swear on 100 % pure silk or 100 % cotton.
Put my advice to test today. If it doesn’t work, go to the golf course for a round of golf. That should certainly put you to sleep immediately.