Fashion Alert: Pyjamas shirt just became our favourite blouse

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A quick look through the photos of fashion week Spring/Summer 2017 reveals that pyjamas trend isn’t going anywhere, at least for the next two seasons not. You might haven’t thought of Pyjamas Trend as a trend that could be around for more than one season a few months ago when we first tried to carry on this trend out from under the covers and out to the street. But be honest, who can get out off the silk pyjamas that easily. Certainly not me. I made myself quite a big stock of silk camisoles which became my favourite top this summer. However, it’s getting colder now, and it’s time for me to shift towards long sleeves, new pyjamas shirts, pyjama-style pants and dressing gowns.

The rules are still the same: wear pyjamas right and you will look fashionable, wear it nothing like that, and you will look ready for the bed or even worse, messy. The line is thin, but one thing is for sure, it’s all in the materials. You can hardly go wrong wearing silk or even dark velvet pyjamas on the street. Also, mind the cut of pyjamas. Not every type of pyjamas fit into the section of pyjamas trend. This season there is actually only one type of pyjamas that is fashionable and appropriate in almost every environment and situation (yes, I mean at the office, too). It’s the loose fitting or men’s type of pyjamas. You know, the one a landlord would wear in the morning. The dressing gown included, of course. You can wear a dressing gown instead of a trench coat (hint: take a look at Burberry Autumn/Winter 2016).

About the colours and patterns: go for darker colours and fashionable prints, such as dark florals, paisley, polka dots and stripes. I actually prefer to wear my pyjamas shirt with a pattern than plain. When I do go for plain pyjamas, I like it decorated with sheer lace.

Pyjama-style requires a style or at least some styling to take it from bed to street. As always, the key is in the details. Rather than adding more layers of clothes (well, you can add a dressing gown or a nice coat), add some accessories. Focus on golden jewellery decorated with jewels and silk or fur scarf and stole for a luxurious touch. Don’t forget to add a belt if you decide to go for more layers.

How to wear pyjama-style shirt
Do you dare wearing pyjamas on the street and at the office?

I decided to go simple and very casual this time and rely purely on my style. Instead of adding extra layers or accessories I went for an extra volume in my hair and dark autumn makeup (check this blog post for more details). I also tried to wear my silk pyjamas shirt by Stella McCartney in different ways. I like them all.

Brunette from Wall Street

Brunette from Wall Street

Even though I prefer to wear pyjama style in darker colours, I like to wear this bright pyjama shirt with high waisted jeans. I think they make quite a good pair together with velvet ankle boots.

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Nightie as our favourite autumn dress
Your favourite autumn dress

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