Today I’m asking some of your questions about my love life. I know you are eager to know who am I dating and so. Well, your wish came true. After a week of date outfit inspirations and wedding outfits, I thought this would be more than good way to round up love stories and…

Bow Socks and a Fake Spring

It seems like this spring is a fake news lately. I mean it’s way too cold for spring. Surely, we have some sunny days. But these sunny spring days are so cold. In short, the cold season is back. And this is not another fake news. But wait! Don’t swap those fancy heels, sandals and…

6 Things Every Girlboss Should Put in Her Small Bag Now

No matter the size of the bag you are carrying around there are 6 things you need to put in your bag now! 6 THINGS EVERY BUSINESSWOMAN NEEDS TO CARRY IN HER SMALL BAG PHONE There is not much to say here. Only, one thing. Don’t buy the bag if it doesn’t fit your phone….

Fashion Alert: Princess Left Ljubljana Castle to Rule the Streets

As promised in my previous post Wrapped in The Soft Nude Net, I’m sharing more about the most fashionable way to style the tulle dress this spring. Remember, there are four ways to style tulle now, and this on is certainly the one you will want to try. I can’t say wearing tulle with the…

How to Wear The Ugly Christmas Sweater

The Ugly Christmas Sweater. I must admit I was never a fan of it. Yes, the ugly Christmas sweaters come in all sorts of colours and motifs. Some of them are funny, even cute in a way. However, in the end, they are still ugly. Or at least make us look ugly silly and unattractive….