6 Things Every Girlboss Should Put in Her Small Bag Now

No matter the size of the bag you are carrying around there are 6 things you need to put in your bag now! 6 THINGS EVERY BUSINESSWOMAN NEEDS TO CARRY IN HER SMALL BAG PHONE There is not much to say here. Only, one thing. Don’t buy the bag if it doesn’t fit your phone….


We all know that the last moment party dressing for the Holiday Office Party can be more stressful than any December business meeting. Especially when you don’t get the exact dress code for the party along with the invitation. Anyway, there is only one thing you need to have in mind when getting ready for…


Business style: What to wear to the office now – The Statement Blouse Blouses are having its big moment this season and are the top choice you should wear everywhere; at home, on the street and obviously at your work as a part of your favourite business style. Therefore, to be the most fashionable lady…

How to find the perfect coat

How to find the perfect coat for the office this season You don’t want or can’t have a closet full of different types of outwear? Are you the happiest when looking classic? Then go for a simple camel coat. I can assure you; this one is always a chic choice. Mind the length of the…

The Perfect Perfume for Business People

I am pleased to say I have discovered the ultimate perfumes I will be wearing and the one I wish other people were wearing in a business environment this season.