How to Look Casual in this IT Couture Piece

          This time is all about the one piece of clothing you never thought you will see me wearing. Well, neither did I, like ever. The Couture feathered top? Truly I never thought I would be wearing feathers. But here I am now, wearing the it feathered top of the season….

#5 Accessories That Make You Look Elegant in Any Casual Outfit

A white tee shirt and light blue jeans are so basic, so casual and so chic. But can this outfit be elegant, too? I believe it can. With a little help of these 5 accessories that elevate any casual outfit and bring some elegance to it. They say you can’t take away elegance from certain…

How to Fake Curves if You Are a Skinny Girl

It’s time for me to finally share more about this casual style that I’m wearing here while standing in the field of dandelions. After all that buzz and excitement on my Instagram after I showed you a sneak peak of this fashion shooting, I know you have been eager to find out more about this…

Chic Business Style in Pale Pink Sneakers and Dark Mom Jeans

Today it’s all about one of my favorite meeting-to-meeting and date-to-date outfits. You know, the outfit that is so versatile, fashionable and refined in a way, that you can wear from brunch with your friends to the business meeting in between and to the evening cocktail at some posh bar. In two words chic business….