How to Spend This Valentine’s Day if You Are Single

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Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street on how to spend Valentine’s Day if you are single

The Valentine’s Day is almost here and if you are single and in a rush looking for someone to be there with you on this Valentine’s Day, just calm down and stop. Trying to find yourself a boyfriend who will take you to Valentine’s Date and get you Valentine’s Gift in the last minute screams out you are nothing else but desperate. Not to say crazy. Believe me; there are many better ways for you to spend this day than on a date that seems forced and unreal. Here are some of my favourite ways to spend this Valentine’s Day if you wake up on the Valentine’s Day alone and single.

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing best ideas on how to spend the Valentine’s Day if you are single

Take this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to show yourself all the love. Cherish the “me” time and spoil yourself from the minute you open your eyes. And don’t forget on your squat. After all, Valentine’s Day is not meant only for the couples. It’s a national day of love which starts with your family and grows on with your friends. So, why not to take some time and show love to your BFFs, too.


  1. Begin your day with breakfast in bed. Read, coffee or tea in bed. As you lady, are going to a brunch with friends later. Put on your best day date outfit, a red lipstick and your favourite perfume. And take your friends to a brunch. Ps. You can find some inspiration for you day date outfit over here.
    Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing best ideas on how to spend the Valentine’s Day if you are single
  2. Pack your bags, sit on the plane and visit one of my favourite department stores! It’s time for a shoe, makeup and fragrance therapy!
    Don’t worry you don’t need to break your bank. Go to one of my favourite department stores and ask for a style consultation. I recommend you to make an appointment with a stylist a day before. If you don’t plan to spend any money, then go for makeup and fragrance consultation only. As I don’t think you will be able to give up of buying all that comfortable and beautiful dresses and shoes you will try on.List of my favourite department stores:

    • in Paris: Galleries Laffayet for clothes and makeup, Le Bon Marché for makeup (especially Dior and Estee Lauder) and shoes. I’m sure you will want to spend the entire day on the second floor in their 2000 m² large shoe universe. And Printemps Department Store for shoes as well.
    • in London: Harrods for Luxury Fragrance (I recommend an appointment at Dior perfumes on the top floor), John Lewis and Selfridges.
    • in Milan: la Rinascente for sipping unlimited glasses of Limited Edition Moët Rosé Impérial Emoëticons. Don’t worry, in case you get drunk you can get yourself some green smoothies and coconut water on the top floor. Talking from my own experience. Also while in Milan don’t forget to check all the boutiques in the Galleria and Corso Vittorio Emanuele II.
    • in Montreal: Hudson’s Bay for makeup and Dior spa.

  3. Take a day off and go to the spa. Pretend to be a Russian and get all the treatments you can get in a day. First, take a swim and relax for some time in a massage pool. Spend an hour or two (you won’t have time for more) in the sauna. Then take a bath in a milk in honey or in rose petals. Go for a mani and pedicure. After that, you should get a body wrap and facial. Finally, go for a massage. I recommend stone massage.
  4. Go to a concert or visit a ballet show.
  5. Go to the golf course. You will know why I added this one when you get there. If you don’t play golf, then sneak in the club lounge or bar.

* Alternately, if you are too broke and too lazy to go anywhere you can do this. Turn on some relaxing music, grab all sorts of masks you have at home (Ps. don’t make a stop in your fridge), apply them on your skin, hair and nails. And relax.

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing best ideas on how to spend the Valentine’s Day if you are single


To make sure you have a perfect Valentine’s Day if you are single there are few things you need to do a day before. Regarding there is no one else to make plans happen for you, of course. Finally, few things you need to do before Valentine’s Day.

  1. Buy a bouquet of roses and bring it into your room before you go to bed. I’m sure you will love being woken up by the fragrance of roses instead of the alarm clock once for a change.
  2. Write yourself Valentine’s card.
  3. Call your friends and invite them to a brunch.
  4. Make an appointment at the spa, hair stylist and stylist. If you want to spend a day as a fashionista
  5. Get all the tickets. You don’t want to be left single and in front of the closed door, do you?


If you are far from single and looking for some romantic ideas for what to do and what to wear this Valentine’s Day, then go here. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletters (make sure you check all boxes) to get even more ideas straight into your inbox. Also, follow me on Instagram to see what I’m wearing this Valentine’s Day.

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing best ideas on how to spend the Valentine’s Day if you are single

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