Getting dressed for The Autumn Harvest

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If you have been invited to the grape harvest this month, this is what you should wear to look, not only fashionable and situation appropriate, but to stay warm and most importantly dry. Grape harvesting can get pretty messy and dirty, you know.

Grapes harvest at the vineyard

Autumn it’s the grape harvest and party season for my family. We gather our friends and distant relatives to invite them over to our vineyard to give us a hand and to rejoice with us after all the grapes have been picked. I always loved harvesting days for one particular thing (apart from the desserts and pleasant time spent with my family and friends). I loved it because of the harvest’s outfit. You didn’t think you could come to the grape harvest wearing anything, did you? Well, if you did, you were not the only one. Unfortunately, many grape pickers come to the vineyards dressed entirely inappropriate. It’s not that there is this particular harvesting etiquette everyone should stick to, though it would be good to set one, it’s more about wearing comfortable, and situation suitable outfit.

What I am wearing to the grape harvest

When getting ready for the grape harvest always have in mind that you are about to become a part of the winemaking process, which is overwhelmed with culture and art. I’m not saying you should put on your best suit for the harvest, but you should wear something slightly more sophisticated than a tracksuit. Don’t get me wrong, comfort is important, as you are going to do some physical work after all. Besides vineyards often lay on a hill or somehow on a diverse landscape, which says a big no to any heels and sandals.

Vineyard in a beautiful Slovenian landscape

What to wear to the grape harvest to feel comfortable and look sophisticated and fashionable

Autumn harvest at the vineyard

What to wear to the grape harvest to feel comfortable and look sophisticated and fashionable

1. Wear many layers

A typical grape harvest usually starts early in the morning when there is still a high level of morning humid, and the temperatures are quite low. Believe me, it’s always cold at the vineyard in the morning. After some time of harvesting you will probably get warm and if the temperature rise during the day, you might even feel hot picking grapes under the sun. The best solution is to wear many layers. Wear a blouse or a polo shirt and warm wool blazer on the top of it. Make sure your jacket is made of soft materials, enabling you to move freely. Also, make sure it’s not too long, as it would get wet when you crouched to get the grapes hanging close to the ground.

Getting dressed for the autumn harvest

Dressed for the autumn harvest

2. Wear soft, stretchy materials

As said, you need to move freely. You will have to crouch down and stand up many times. Jeans are a no-no at the grape harvesting. Wear clothes that flex with every movement of your body. Go for wool and stretch cotton-blend.

Autumn harvest outfit

What to wear for The Autumn Harvest

3. Wear boots

I mentioned before, and I will do that again, there is no place for the heels at the harvest at the vineyard. There is also no place for sandals, God forbidden clogs, sneakers, ballerinas, pumps. There is actually only one type of shoes you should be wearing at the grape harvest. You should be wearing boots. Most preferably the rubber rain boots. The grass in the vineyard will be wet in the morning, there also could be a lot of mud and the ground could be slippy. You should think like you are going to the festival in the rain. After a while, it gets the same here. I always wear the rubber boots when picking grapes in the vineyard and change them for the leather riding boots when I come back to the wine house after the harvesting.

Harvest essentials

Grapes harvest

4. Don’t forget the gloves

Grape harvesting can be very dirty, especially if the grapes are rotten or mouldy, and you need to remove the damaged grape berries before throwing the grape into the container. The grape juice that comes out of the berries while you are cleaning the grape will most certainly ruin your nails or at least leave a stain on them. The only way to protect your hands is to wear rubber gloves. I usually wear my leather gloves under the rubber gloves to feel warm while working. And take off the rubber gloves after I finish.

Getting dressed for The Autumn Harvest

Getting dressed for the Autumn Harvest

Harvest at the vineyard

Grapes harvest

As many grape harvests end up with a party after all the grapes are beeing picked, you should think of bringing two outfits to the harvest and get changed after you finish harvesting. Many grape pickers do that. However, you need to take into the consideration, that there might not be any time or even place for you to get changed.

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