Chic Business Style in Pale Pink Sneakers and Dark Mom Jeans

Today it’s all about one of my favorite meeting-to-meeting and date-to-date outfits. You know, the outfit that is so versatile, fashionable and refined in a way, that you can wear from brunch with your friends to the business meeting in between and to the evening cocktail at some posh bar. In two words chic business….

6 Things Every Girlboss Should Put in Her Small Bag Now

No matter the size of the bag you are carrying around there are 6 things you need to put in your bag now! 6 THINGS EVERY BUSINESSWOMAN NEEDS TO CARRY IN HER SMALL BAG PHONE There is not much to say here. Only, one thing. Don’t buy the bag if it doesn’t fit your phone….

White with Golden Dots

Unlike other Sundays, my Sunday reads have nothing to to with reading fashion magazines and fashion books this time. Today I’m reading my 2017 Diary. And checking and rescheduling all my planes, I wrote into my diary and never brought to life. Luckily it’s only February and this is not my date calendar. It’s my…

How Your Life Changes When You Become a Morning Person

Are you a Sleeping Beauty, who keeps pressing the snooze button on the alarm clock or a Cinderella who gets up as the first one in the morning? OUR GOAL – WAKING UP EARLIER Scrolling down the Facebook page, you will undoubtedly find at least one article with a list of advice on how to…

Words that make you sound incompetent

Words have power, even the small ones. Seal your mouth before saying one of those two. And no, I am not referring to the curse words. There are the small innocent words that employers don’t want to hear these days. POWER OF THE SMALL WORDS A few days ago I read an article on Business…