Sneak a Kiss under the Mistletoe

It’s a time you sneak a kiss under the mistletoe. Or two. So,  get your red lipstick ready and start stealing kisses. ABOUT MY MAKEUP Finally, to find out more about the makeup go here.

A girl with real eyebrows

How to get eyebrows on fleek Some time ago I swiped across a guy who wrote he wants his girl to have real eyebrows. What a jerk, you might say. I think he was right. Brutal as it is for a majority of us girls who are struggling (well, I should stop writing in the…

How to upgrade your daily makeup for the night

I bet you had some busy days when you barely found a little time to get changed for the evening plans out. I know, it’s annoying if you have to spend an entire day wearing the same makeup. The makeup usually starts melting around a lunch time and by the end of the working day,…

Autumn calls for deep, luminous and rich contrasting colours

This autumn a play of shadow and light brings out our eyes and makes the naturally sculpted facial contours, transforming us to a bold, feminine woman in touch with her world.