How to Get Radiant, Healthy Looking Skin

      While Sunday is a day for pampering the skin and spending hours pinning makeup inspiration, I’m shifting from fashion to beauty this time. And finally revealing the big secret and help you to adopt the biggest makeup trend of this summer. Yes, I’m sharing my secret on how to get this beautiful…

Forest Green Imperfect Stripes and Singing in the Rain

While makeup trends for spring/summer 2017 are in short one big rainbow, a palette of bright colours, shooting my first makeup story of the season, in the rain seemed just on point. So here it is, my makeup story, singing in the rain, featuring the bright, forest green eye makeup. Sincerely I wasn’t really singing….

Sneak a Kiss under the Mistletoe

It’s a time you sneak a kiss under the mistletoe. Or two. So,  get your red lipstick ready and start stealing kisses. ABOUT MY MAKEUP Finally, to find out more about the makeup go here.