Autumn calls for deep, luminous and rich contrasting colours

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My favourite makeup trend this autumn are undoubtedly deep, luminous and rich colours that give us that glorifying decadent look. I love to play with radiance and transparency, intensity and contrast. Creating bold yet elegant makeup, that is suitable from morning to night, from office to street, is actually easy this autumn. Play of shadow and light brings out our eyes and makes the naturally sculpted facial contours, transforming us to a bold, feminine woman in touch with her world.


This autumn more is more, and we don’t need to opt between our eyes and lips anymore. This time, we are emphasising our eyes and lips at the same time. You don’t even have to worry if your hand is somewhat too heavy and your makeup turns out very bold. The decadent play of deep colour is on now. However, for the best result experiment with illusion and radiance.


How I am making the most beautiful and fashionable beauty look this autumn

For this look, I decided to use slightly more vibrant red, purple and brown colours.
I fall in love with Burberry eyeshadows and Burberry lipstick this autumn. For this look I used Burberry Complete Eye Palette – Nude Blush No. 12, Burberry Lip Velvet Oxblood No. 437 lipstick and Dior Rosy blush.

Burberry Complete Eye Palette – Nude Blush No. 12, Burberry Lip Velvet Oxblood No. 437 lipstick, Dior Rosy Blush
Autumn makeup


The Autumn Eyes

I find Burberry Complete Eye Palette – Nude Blush No. 12 perfect for this autumn as this super silky-smooth shades give a lasting, highly pigmented finish, that creates a perfect decadent look. On the other hand, these eyeshadows are incredibly blendable, which makes them perfect eyeshadows from morning to evening. Just apply light nude shadows in the morning and cover them with darker shades in the evening. The result is fantastic.


The Autumn Lips



I decided to wear bold lips that match the eyeshadows I used. For this look, I used Burberry Lip Velvet Oxblood No. 437 lipstick. This gorgeous pigmented lip colour creates a creamy soft-matte finish with beautiful and bold full coverage. This colour is a blend of cherry, dark brick and wine, that it’s flattering on almost every skin tone. I love the feel of soft velvet on my lips this lipstick creates. This time, I skipped the liner, to make my lips look soft, not severe.




The Autumn Brows

I balanced the dark colour of my lips, with bold brows, that open my eyes and make my face look fresh and young as it should be.

The Autumn Cheeks

I finished my look with a touch of soft barely visible pretty pink blush on my cheeks. The key to applying pink blush in a right way and not in a clown-like way is to place it on the apples of your cheeks up toward your temples, far away from the nose. I used Dior Rosy blush.


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