#PFW Finds: ESCADA Spring Summer 2018

Remember I told you I found some beautiful fashion pieces in old Parisian flats during recent Fashion Week? Well, it’s time for me to share my findings with you. Starting with ESCADA Spring Summer 2018 Collection. Yes, ESCADA, that timeless luxury brand known for the silver buttons, beautiful knits and edgy prints, totally overwhelmed me….

5 QUESTIONS – the F* Questions

  It’s time for me to answer your F* questions. Don’t look like that. I mean your questions starting with the letter F. Yes, I’m answering your questions about my favorite food, Franch, fall memories and fashion of course. After all, I just came back from the fashion week in the most fabulous and fashionable…

THE EDIT – PARIS Spring Summer Fashion Week

You know what they say, the one who waits get’s to see the best. My #PFW Edit you have been waiting since you saw me taking the plane to Paris is finally here. Yes, my round up of my first Spring Summer Fashion Week in Paris is here. All about my favorite shows I have seen, sweet sticks I found at the presentations, dozens of macarons I ate for the first time, Paris in autumn and your favorites, gossips from Costes and Cafe de Flore. Oh and of course fashion, fashion, and trends.

#5 Off-duty Outfits and Oversized Checks with Mom Jeans

This time I’m sharing with you the #5 of my favourite fall off-duty outfits. You know, those outfits that are either too casual, too comfortable, or too sexy to wear them to work. Or simply too chic to wear them only to the office. You know what I mean. It would be a fashion crime…