How to upgrade your daily makeup for the night

I bet you had some busy days when you barely found a little time to get changed for the evening plans out. I know, it’s annoying if you have to spend an entire day wearing the same makeup. The makeup usually starts melting around a lunch time and by the end of the working day,…

Getting dressed for The Autumn Harvest

If you have been invited to the grape harvest this month, this is what you should wear to look, not only fashionable and situation appropriate, but to stay warm and most importantly dry. Grape harvesting can get pretty messy and dirty, you know. Autumn it’s the grape harvest and party season for my family. We…

Fashion Alert: Pyjamas shirt just became our favourite blouse

How to wear the pyjamas shirt as a blouse.

The Perfect Perfume for Business People

I am pleased to say I have discovered the ultimate perfumes I will be wearing and the one I wish other people were wearing in a business environment this season.

Autumn calls for deep, luminous and rich contrasting colours

This autumn a play of shadow and light brings out our eyes and makes the naturally sculpted facial contours, transforming us to a bold, feminine woman in touch with her world.